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CBF 1000-2000

  • Quality: improved cutting quality, increased yield, optimum shape stability, very small loss of juice, less risk of colour change, no black bones (no CO2 direct gas flushing)
  • Longer shelf life for the end product
  • Closed chill loop; therefore a fraction of the operating costs (compared to CO2 tunnel or nitrogen)
  • Homogeneous freezing thanks to optimum air circulation
  • ‘Pause mode‘ for even freezing in spite of brief line interruptions
  • First-in/First-out
  • Secure/accelerated chill chain
  • No personnel required for freezing operation


  • The CBF ensures quick and precise surface freezing of meat pieces within approx. 6-20 minutes, depending on the size and entry temperature of the meat pieces.
  • The CBF blast freezer operates in cycles.
  • Through an infeed flap the operator slides-in the meat pieces in a basket and pulls back the drawer. Then the transport chain indexes by one cycle to the next basket.
  • The operator continuously repeats this process. The control unit times the baskets, so that after the set time (e.g. 8 min) has elapsed, the tempered products are ejected.
  • The meat pieces are placed side-by-side into the baskets and pass through the freezer cabinet in approximately 6 to 20 minutes depending on the chosen setting.
  • The meat is removed just before portioning. This results in a very thin crust of 2 to 3 mm (5 to 10 %) instead of 5 to 10 mm, which clearly increases product quality.
  • One operator can load the freezer and operate the portioning machine at the same time.


  • Ideal surface tempering and therefore highest quality, best yield and longest shelf life
  • Energy-efficient compressor system
  • Small footprint thanks to extremely compact construction
  • Labour-saving freezing is possible

CBF 1000 Brochure

CBF 2000 Brochure

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