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GMS 1000

  • Maximal product quality during cutting, shaping, and portioning

  • Highest flexibility with varying sizes of raw material

  • Increased yield through waste-less portioning

  • Giveaway reduction through high weight accuracy and perfect slicing

  • Automatable through shingle portions or single-slice placement

  • Intuitive user interface for operators and cleaning staff


A piece of meat is placed on the feeding belt equipped with a buffer function. The meat moves via a weighing belt to the forming unit. The upper C-shaped form descends and shapes the meat into a U-shape, forming an oval cross-section. Subsequently, the meat is pressed lengthwise to attain its perfect shape. The feed and stop plate determine the slice thickness according to the target weight.


  • Portions of small and medium-sized raw materials such as cutlets, steaks, and minute steaks.
  • Slices of large raw materials such as roulades.
  • Portions of frozen raw materials, for example, neck and salmon steaks.
  • Slices of cooked, smoked raw materials such as smoked pork loin with and without bones.


4,847 x 1,581 x 3,253 mm (L x W x H)

Product width
60 to 360 mm (at infeed)
60 to 260 mm (in mould set)

Product length
100 to 850 mm

Product height
40 to 150 mm

Cutting thickness
2-52 mm

Electrical connection
3x 400 V/N/PE / 50 Hz, 45A
Power 18 kW

GMS 1000 Brochure

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