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AIR 520

  • Fully automatic, flexible loading of portions in various tray sizes and orientation
  • High output per operator
  • Up to three GMS 520/AIR 520 modular portioning units can be combined
  • Small space requirement
  • Good product hygiene
  • Rapid change without tools of tray formats and tray orientation


  • The AIR 520 fills trays automatically with fixed-weight or catchweight boneless fresh meat portions.
  • The portioned slices are transferred from the GMS 520 to the meat conveyor of the AIR 520 flexload.
  • From there, they are automatically fed with a jump belt.
  • The filled trays run into the GMI 500, are separated by an acceleration conveyor and weighed on a dynamic scale.
  • Light or heavy portions are pushed onto separate buffer belts and conveyed to the reworking station.
  • Portions with the correct weight run directly into the packaging machine.
  • At the rework station, individual slices of the rejected portions are exchanged in order to achieve the target weight.


The modular line concept consists of perfectly coordinated modules:

  • GMS 520 Volumetric portioning system for cutting fixed-weight and yield-optimised portions.
  • Waste-free portioning of meat pieces
  • Thin quality trim cuts if required
  • Shingled portions
  • Clean and clear-cutting surface
  • AIR 520 Auto tray filling using a jump belt
  • Integrated TDS 300 tray dispenser
  • High reliability
  • Precise alignment of a tray
  • Multi-layer stacking possible
  • GMI 500 Weighing and sorting unit for fixed weight portions consisting of dynamic scale
  • Sorting by pushers
  • Buffer belts for under- and overweight portions
  • Tendency control with feedback for portioning machine


  • Maximum productivity
  • Highest level of product hygiene
  • Simple operation
  • Very flexible for a wide range of products
  • Small space requirement

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