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TDS 300

The TDS 300 separates trays of various formats and types (including paperboards and foam trays) and feeds them to a downstream system at a desired cycle time. Once the desired tray mold and the correct vacuum suction cup are installed, the operator can fill the tray buffer with trays of the desired format. At the lower end of the tray buffer, there is a tray mask that holds the lower portion of the tray stack in the correct position for suction. When the TDS 300 is activated, the vacuum suction cup attaches to the bottom tray of the tray buffer and pulls it out in a backward motion from the tray mask. At the lowest position, the vacuum suction cup releases the separated tray, which exits the TDS 300 through a tray slide to the downstream system.


  • Highest flexibility for a wide range of tray formats and types
  • Destacking of paperboards and foam trays possible
  • Quick, tool-free change of tray formats and orientations
  • Both standalone and line-integrated versions are available
  • Easy operation and the highest product hygiene
  • Minimal footprint


  • Maximum tray size (L x W x H): 340x275x100 mm*
  • Minimum tray size (L x W x H): 120x120x20 mm*/**
  • A separate format mask is required for each tray size (Height differences >40mm within the same format also require their own format mask).
  • A separate vacuum suction cup is required for each tray type or orientation (longitudinal/transverse).
  • Prior to ordering, a technical inspection and approval by TVI are required concerning tray bottom texture, perforation/embossing, tray stability, etc.(*Additional restrictions may apply due to subsequent conveyor belt geometries) (**Excluding paperboards)

TDS 300 Brochure

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