GMS 1200 multicut

Achieving the highest level of flexibility and accuracy with 3-dimensional forming.



  • Flexible, 3-dimensional forming
  • Very high yield
  • Very high accuracy
  • Flexible adjustment to various raw products
  • Forming and cutting in one process

Mode of operation

  • Multiple pieces of meat are placed onto the conveyor belt (buffer function).
  • Then they are transported individually to the weighing conveyor.
  • The piece of meat is transported from the weighing conveyor to the U-shaped mould.
  • The upper unit with the C-shaped mould moves down and shapes the meat in the U-mould into an ovalshaped cross section.
  • Then, the input piston presses the piece of meat against the discharge piston, squaring the edges of the meat.
  • Once the piece of meat has reached the calculated cutting position, the spiral blade cuts the first piece.
  • When the blade is back in the starting position, the meat is automatically moved to the next cutting position.
  • After cutting is completed, the block of slices is pushed out onto the discharge conveyor.

Advantages & savings

  • Flexible application for red meat in any consistency and size
  • Increase in yield through waste-free portioning
  • Give-away savings due to high weight accuracy
  • High product quality due to equal slice shape and thickness
  • Low labour costs and shortest product changeover times
  • Perfect pack presentation

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